Is Anushka sharma’s constant presence with virat kohli starting to irk BCCI.

The absence of Anushka Sharma from the group photo of the Indian squad with the country’s High Commissioner to Jamaica raised some eyebrows.

Unlike cricket players from the past, Indian captain Virat Kohli has been very open in expressing his feelings for wife Anushka Sharma. Both husband and wife don’t mind sharing some of their romantic pictures on social media sites and speak openly about the affection that exists between them.It is probably due to this attraction that Anushka has been a constant companion of Virat on Indian cricket team’s overseas tours. Not surprisingly, she is also with her hubby in West Indies where Team India are playing a Test series currently.But something rather interesting happened when the Indian squad went to visit the Indian High Commissioner to Jamaica M Sevala Naik. Anushka Sharma was very much part of the group that visited the High Commissioner’s residence but when the time came for a picture of the entire squad with the staffers of the Indian envoy’s official home, she wasn’t part of the group photo.

This seems a little odd at first because last year, during India’s tour to England, when the squad had visited the house of the Indian High Commissioner in London, Anushka was in the group photo.

Perhaps the reason for this omission could be the absence of the High Commissioner’s wife from the picture as well. In the photo taken at the London embassy, the wife of the Indian envoy is present whereas the picture taken at the residence of Indian High Commissioner in Jamaica does not have the Indian ambassador’s spouse.

Curiously, though, in all the four photographs posted on the official Twitter page of Indian High Commission to Jamaica, only one – showing the arrival of the team – has the Bollywood actor while in others, including one where both the Indian envoy and his wife are posing with members of the squad, Kohli’s better half is absent.In both visits, to the houses of the Indian High Commissioners in London in 2018 and Jamaica now, Virat’s wife was the only spouse of a cricketer present on the occassion. Probably this is why someone felt it would be improper to have her in the group photo. But who is this someone?

Is it the star couple themselves who have made this decision? Or is it the BCCI? Let’s not forget that during the 2014 tour of England, when Anushka stayed with Virat in the team hotel, the then team manager had complained about her presence (then the girlfriend of Kohli). The board had also allowed the spouses of cricketers to be with their hubbies only for a limited period during the recent World Cup.

So, is BCCI irked with the fact that Anushka is constantly with the Indian captain even when others haven’t brought their wives along? We don’t know for sure. But as long as the master batsman keeps churning out runs, nobody will be too bothered by that.

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